Maybelline - Brow Ink Color Tinted Duo Eyebrow Pencil & Mascara 01 Cool Ash Brown 1.26g

Brand from United States: Maybelline. Color styling for the first time in the history of eyebrows. Eyebrow with ultra-fine pencil and high colored mascara in one. You can add it naturally, and you can get a beautiful finish from your own eyebrows. Gel ink mascara's original gel tint film coats each eyebrow. While firmly coating, styling softly to the desired hair flow. Durable until night against water, rubbing, and bleeding. Natural soft three dimensional eyebrows that do not harden the eyebrows are easy to apply with a small brush and easy to adjust the flow of the eyebrows. How to use: Skinny pencil: Draw sparse eyebrows and eyebrows one by one with a pencil. Gel mascara: Use gel tint film. Shape the eyebrows softly while developing a firm color. Resistant to water, rubbing, and sebum collapse.

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